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Brain Enhancement Products – Recommended By eBrainSupplements

Here’s a list of recommended products/services that safely optimize and enhance your brain power (more will be added soon):

Brain Supplements & Nootropics:

(currently the best out there in terms of ingredients and effectiveness, check out our review and testing here. Note that readers can get 10% discount on their orders, use coupon-code ‘EBRAIN’ as you check out)

(Worth a try if Alpha Brain doesn’t work for you – check out our review here)

(Great supplier if you’re going for your own nootropics stack. Make sure to check out the description of the various brain supplements in the brain supplements & nootropics beginners guide!)

brain supplements1 Brain Enhancement Products   Recommended By eBrainSupplements


(check out our experiences with it and other sleep optimizing methods in this sleep optimization post)


brain supplements my zeo 300x222 Brain Enhancement Products   Recommended By eBrainSupplements









Healthy Brain Lifestyle













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  1. Lisa Tannen
    Oct 2 2011

    Hi Ebrain Supplements,

    I will try your recommended supplements too- but so far the best brain supplement I have found is Mind Boost for my confidence and Mind Release for stress. These brain supplements are produced by Mastermind Supplements and they support the operation homefront and have a contest on right now at:
    These supplements literally have changed my life. I used to suffer from impaired verbal speech and my short term memory was shot after my third baby, but after taking their supplements, I recovered from it all! – -

    Thank you for letting me post!


  2. Ceci
    Oct 4 2011

    Very nice selection! Haven’t tried any of the technology products yet but BrainEffect is awesome + Paleo lifestyle is the only way to go really =)

  3. Rogerb
    Oct 5 2011

    Big fan on the zeo myself! Haven’t tried any cognitive enhancers yet though, will give em a try and posty my findings.

  4. Tyler H
    Dec 8 2011

    Apha.Brain.Rocks. :)

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