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June 24, 2011

Limitless (Movie Review + More): How Crazy Brain Supplements Can Transform You Into Einstein On Steroids!

limitless brain supplements

How To Gain Limitless BrainCapacity With Nootropics & Brain Supplements..

Imagine a world in which you can pop a pill that turns you into Einstein on steroids. A supplement that opens your own personal Pandora’s box, allowing you to transform yourself from a procrastinating facebook addict to a marvelous entrepreneur setting up businesses like facebook before breakfast.


einstein 184x300 Limitless (Movie Review + More): How Crazy Brain Supplements Can Transform You Into Einstein On Steroids!


Now take this idea and apply it to a depraved writer who accidentally gets access to a supply of top-secret brain supplement and uses it to transform himself into a writer with the abilities of Hemingway and Dickens combined and multiplied, and tada, you got Limitless!

Of course, when you get access to a bunch of ultra-secret brain supplements, you unfortunately also get access to a bunch of trouble, and Eddie, our hero of the movie, soon finds himself as an existential slave to the nasty side-effects that come with ultimate cognitive enhancement.

Fortunately, the fact that the actual brain supplement operates on the commonly-heard urban myth that we humans only use 10% of our beloved neural blob can’t spoil the fun (the brain supplement he finds magically allows for 100% brain utilization of course); De Niro’s witty acting and sweet camera work make more than up for it.


Brain Supplements & Nootropics & The Implications On Your Life

Besides providing a decent and entertaining movie though, limitless also expresses some interesting hypothetical situations which relate to the ethical issues experienced with brain supplements nowadays or in the future.


ethics sign 300x199 Limitless (Movie Review + More): How Crazy Brain Supplements Can Transform You Into Einstein On Steroids!


Poor Eddie, for example, gets to deal with the rather lethal side effect of his newly found magic pills; if he doesn’t keep taking them, he quickly becomes as stupid he was before and dies slowly.

This dependence on his little supplement causes him to crave it like a hungry lion craves a juicy gazelle. Combine this with a bunch of angry mobs that is also chasing Eddie, and you got quite the situation for our poor protagonist.

Maybe even more interestingly however, is that this situation also illustrates a possible real life scenario; a college student that takes Ritalin for example, a currently available compound that positively affects attention, in order to study for his horrendous exams might develop a psychological dependence on Ritalin in the form that he is unable to study if not on Ritalin.

Now I have tested Ritalin while studying for exams myself and I’ll be the first to admit that it indeed has a very profound effect, but I also quit using it after a few weeks to avoid growing any form of dependence.

A limitless future?


This seemed like the better thing to do due to the limited info on the long-term effects of Ritalin. You don’t want to be playing Russian roulette with crazy brain supplements when you’re not sure what you’re up for.


otaksuper 228x300 Limitless (Movie Review + More): How Crazy Brain Supplements Can Transform You Into Einstein On Steroids!


Nonetheless, such issues are solved with the existence and developments of other, more conventional and safe, brain supplements. Nevertheless, always do your research carefully when choosing the right brain supplements

Whether or not we’ll ever see a world in which people can take a Limitless brain supplements and pretend to be Einstein on steroids like Eddie remains questionable.

Regardless, brain science will never stop improving our understanding of the human brain, and the limitations of the possibilities of your cognitive enhancement in the future lie only in your own imagination.

In the meantime, I’m working hard on an ultimate guide to brain supplements that will provide you with knowledge about all the different brain supplements out there, as well as where to actually get them, stay tuned!


P.S. the movie is pretty cool; worth a watch!


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