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December 5, 2011


Alpha Brain: The Last Nootropics Review You Will Ever Have To Read!


Sup’ guys,

things have been a bit quiet on lately due to a rather crazy and exhausting schedule, but we’re still alive and kicking and I got some awesome posts coming up, starting with this one!

As you might have heard, ONNIT Lab’s latest all-in-one nootropic, Alpha Brain, has become quite the hype. Here’s why…


ab 728x90 ebrain1 Alpha Brain: The Last Nootropics Review You Will Ever Have To Read!


Designed to enhance cognitive functioning more effectively than anything else, this is supposedly one of the best cognitive enhancement formulas brought on the market so far.  Alpha Brain enhances :

  • Creativity
  • Writing & speaking abilities
  • Your memory
  • And apparently even makes your dreams more vivid!

Skeptical about everything as we are though, we of course had to put Alpha Brain to the test (Note: if you don’t feel like going through a 1500 word review, yet still want to order Alpha Brain, use coupon code ”EBRAIN” for a 10% discount).

You might want to check out this video real quick to get an impression of what Alpha Brain is all about:


Regardless of all the positive feedback Alpha Brain is receiving, we ventured out to do a little bit of testing ourselves.

But before we start off with the results and conclusion though, let’s have a look at the science responsible

The guys at ONNIT Labs have come up with a formula that contains:

  • Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline,
  •  Huperzia Serrata,
  • Vinpocetine,
  • AC-11
  • Bacopa,
  • Pterostilbene
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Gamma Amino-Butyric Acid
  • Oat Straw
  • Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6)

Quite the list eh? What does all this mean to you? Well, according to ONNIT, the synergistic effects of this formula make up a well-rounded nootropic that is designed to improve memory, focus, sleep quality & dream vividness, and even athletic performance.

Think about what this means: instead of stacking multiple nootropics and having eggs with 15 different pills for breakfast, 1-2 Alpha Brains during the day would be enough to significantly boost performance on many levels of cognitive functioning.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients and discover how they could produce such significant effects:

(just scroll to the bottom of this post if you only want to check out the results)

Nootropics Ingredients

On top of the list is GPC Choline, the most effective and efficient choline source currently known. It’s able to rapidly move past the blood brain barrier where it enhances the acetylcholine production. Even better, plenty of studies have shown that increased levels of acetylcholine drastically boost cognitive skills and memory functioning (link). Surprisingly enough, there is also evidence that shows how extra choline can boost physical performance.


nootropics potion 300x287 Alpha Brain: The Last Nootropics Review You Will Ever Have To Read!

Second is Vinpocetine. This extract from the so-called periwinkle plant enhances the blood flow to the brain and has neuro-protective properties (read about it in more detail here). The bottom line is that the enhanced blood flow causes increased synthesis of neurotransmitters and new synapses, which has a profound effect on mental performance (click here for an interesting scientific study regarding vinpocetine).

Next up is GABA – a.k.a. gama amino-butyric acid – one of the main inhibitory neurtotransmitters in your body. GABA basically relaxes the brain, reduces anxiety and promotes healthy sleep patterns.

Bacopa is a powerful herbal nootropic traditionally used in India as an Ayurveda medicinal treatment. Furthermore, modern research and use experience shows that bacopa has strong cognitive enhancing effects (check out  a study confirming it here).

Continuing; Huperza Serrato might sound like a Italian pasta dish, but is in fact a supplement derived from the Chinese club moss. Quite simply, its active ingredient, Huperzine A, acts as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. This enzyme normally causes acetylcholine to be broken down, neutralizing its effective properties as a neurotransmitter. Needless to say, inhibiting this process (the purpose of Huperzine A) makes sure a proper level of acetylcholine is maintained for optimal cognitive functioning (read more extensively about it here)


nootropics brain 283x300 Alpha Brain: The Last Nootropics Review You Will Ever Have To Read!


One more ONNIT has added is Mucuna Pruriens, another botanical derivative used in Ayurvedic medicine. The reason for this is quite simple; it contains significant amounts of L-dopa, i.e. the building block of dopamine. In essence, dopamine is crucial for the operation of a variety of cognitive skills including memory, focus and learning.

To top the mixture off, a bunch of anti-oxidants have been added to elimante free radicals in the nervous system and protect it from possible decline. Among them AC11, an extract straight from the Amazonian rainforest that has been shown to repair DNA, and oat straw, another powerful antioxidant and potent stress reliever (link )

Nootropics Synergy


So what does all this mean? Basically, above ingredients combined seem to make up a pretty niceley balanced formula; the GPC choline and Huperzia serratum boost Choline levels up, significant enhancing memory, focus and learning abilities together with Bacopa and vinpocetine. At the same time, GABA and mucuna puriens make sure everything stays under control in terms of brain chemicals and regulate optimal mood and sleep patterns.

To make it even impressive, a whole bunch of effective antioxidants were added to protect the brain and eliminate mental fog. On paper, it looks like we’re dealing with a pretty potent and well put-together nootropics.

The question is, can alpha brain survive our trial examination?

As good as the description of cognitive enhancing compounds might sound (who doesn’t want improved focus, memory and sleep without side-effects?), these description mean pretty much nothing if there is no significant effect.


nootropics dummies 300x180 Alpha Brain: The Last Nootropics Review You Will Ever Have To Read!


Since everyone’s biochemistry is unique though, we made sure to have at least 4 people test it (arguably still a bit on the low side to draw hard conclusion). Therefore, me and three colleagues of mine tested alpha brain for two weeks and observered the results.

The Test-Results:

Here’s a snippet of the journal I kept while taking alpha brain:


Alpha Brain test

25-09-2011 Day 1

Dosage: 1 in the morning, 1 in the evening

Effects: no effect

…Skip to day 4:

28-09-2011 Day 4.

Dosage: 1 in the morning, 1 in the evening.

Effects: Unusually vivid memories of last night dreams (won’t go into details), which doesn’t happen often. No other noticeable effects really.

29-09-2011 Day 5.

Dosage: 1 in the morning, 1 in the evening

Effects: same vivid dream memories + no mental exhaustion even after 6 hours of class/studying. Normally my mind feel rather fried after tedious Thursday @ uni. Studying in evening for exam tomorrow, very focused, not getting distracted.

30-09-2011 Day 6.

Dosage: same same, no different.

Effects: woke up exceptionally well-rested even though only 5-6 hours of sleep. Aced the exam today (I think, have been wrong here before). Overall general feeling of increased sharpness, might be placebo, but a noticeable effect is definitely there!


This basically continued for the next 10 days. Describing the effects of cognitive enhancers is always hard (you don’t really notice that your memory functions better etc.), but overall I felt there was definitely a  significant and noticeable increase in mental clarity, focus capacity and even verbal affluency.

And guess what? The other users also reported similar experiences .

To make it even better, the vivid dreams due to improved REM sleep are very, very awesome. Besides waking up more rested, sleeping just becomes more fun.

Two of the other test-users noted they had ‘lucid’ dreams, dreams in which they realized they were dreaming and were able to take control over the dream. I didn’t experience this myself yet, but there plenty of reports of similar experiences online.


nootropics lucid 300x244 Alpha Brain: The Last Nootropics Review You Will Ever Have To Read!


After two weeks of testing I stopped taking it for a week to see the difference: after 4 days I didn’t remember my dreams that vividly anymore, and the glow of enhanced mental awareness generally dropped a bit after the 5th day.

Right now, Alpha Brain is my  favorite all-in-one nootropic. It avoids the hassle of taking 5-10 pills in the morning and it just seems to work.

Will it work for you? Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. But I have yet to encounter someone who has not been enthusiastic about it. Now don’t get me wrong, popping a few Alpha Brains won’t turn you into Einstein or the guy from Limitless, but it does give me and apparently quite a few others a very potent mental boost that is perfect when it comes to learning, memorizing stuff, speaking, sleeping and so on.

Definitely worth a shot to see if this works for you.

Got some more awesome posts coming up soon. In the mean time, what are your experiences with alpha brain?

P.S. due to the courtecy of ONNIt-labs, readers of are able receive a 10%  discount on all orders. To claim the discount, just enter EBRAIN as your coupon code.


ab 728x90 ebrain Alpha Brain: The Last Nootropics Review You Will Ever Have To Read!


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  1. Braindouche
    Dec 9 2011

    Awesome testing guys, alpha brain is legit stuff. First nootropic that actually works for me..

  2. Sam
    Dec 14 2011

    This looks very good, but they’re not shipping to Denmark :(

  3. Chandler
    Jan 8 2012

    Great review, great product. Thanks for the review and the discount!

  4. eBrainSupplements
    Jan 8 2012

    They’re currently working on a slightly adjusted formula that should allow shipping to every country within Europe. Keep your eyes open for the release-date!

  5. Bo's Dojo
    Jan 16 2012

    I’ve been using their product Alpha-Brain for quite a few months now and can honestly say my mind is sharper and my creativity has been at its peak ever since using it. I am a guitarist/singer/songwriter and my playing is more consistent and I am writing new songs faster than I can write them down. And lyrics, which I have always struggled with, are just flowing out of me. It has drastically increased the amount of dreams I remember and the control I have over them. I’ve been lucid dreaming pretty consistently.

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